Classic hot-smoked salmon fillet and snack packs

This succulent delicacy is a 41° South classic. Atlantic Salmon fillets are cut into portions (tail, centre, collar cuts) and marinated in an artfully crafted brine before being hot-smoked over Tasmanian Blackwood shavings. This ready to eat product makes an impressive appetizer or a delicious, no-fuss dinner option. The fillet is perfect for catering. Both […]


The original hot-smoked baby salmon®

41° South hot-smoked baby salmon® is cured for a day in a natural brine solution which includes 11 selected herbs and spices. It is then slowly hot-smoked at a high temperature, thus creating a moist flaky texture combined with an exceptionally delicate smoked flavour which will leave a memorable after taste on the palate.

Smoked Salmon Rillettes

The smoked salmon rillettes are made from the finest natural ingredients. This product combines the great taste of 41° South smoked salmon (50%) and a blend of butter, yogurt, spices & Tasmanian mountain pepper.



Fresh salmon fillet combined with ginseng spice makes the 41er your perfect answer to a healthy and delicious meal. This quick and easy to prepare product is cooked in 10 minutes. It’s your new answer to fast food. For the health conscious serve with salad or steam vegetables or simply pile between a bun with […]

Ginseng Spice

41° South Ginseng spice blend contains a mix of spices including Panax ginseng & Tasmanian Mountain Pepper which is grown at 41° South. Use this culinary seasoning for meat, fish,salads or sprinkle on sour cream. Comes in 100g glass jars or please enquire for catering purposes.


Tasmanian Leatherwood Ginseng Honey

41° South Ginseng and Australian Quality Honey have combined their premium products to create this pure exquisite leatherwood honey infused with Panax ginseng. The honey is sourced from the Tasmanian Tarkine Wilderness. No artificial colours, preservatives or sugars are used. Best stored at room temperature. The active principles of ginseng are ginsenosides, which regulate the […]

China Sencha Ginseng Tea

A large leaf green tea renowned for its grassy aroma, with a pure and natural taste. Sweet on the palate, it is light and delightfully refreshing. The ginseng adds a touch of bitterness. Green tea is low in caffeine and rich in vitamin C it also can be used more than once.


Ceylon Orange Pekoe Ginseng Tea

A medium strength clean tasting tea with panax ginseng. Exquisite taste, almost oaky with body and strength. Highly aromatic and slightly sweet. The ginseng adds a touch of bitterness.